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St. Senan’s Church, Bealaha

From the 1850’s, before the building of the present church at Bealaha, mass for this part of the parish was said in various houses in the locality and finally at a chapel constructed at one end of the old parochial house in Baltard.  This chapel was known as “Singleton’s Room”, from its former occupant, the landlord John Singleton.
St Senan’s Church, Bealaha, a medium-sized rectangular structure, was built in 1869-1870.  Further renovations were carried out in 1984 when the sanctuary was re-ordered and a new lighting & heating system was put in place.

To book the Church contact Fr. Joe Haugh on 065 9055022 or 087 2865434.
Email: dunbeg57@yahoo.ie

Mass times:          7.30pm Saturday

Bealaha Church

Bealaha Church Interior